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Did you know that most landscaping professionals offer many more services than simply mowing? You can find quality landscapers that are willing to do everything from cleaning up leaves and branches to constructing complex irrigation system installations. Even if you are hiring only for a scheduled lawn service, be sure and ask what other services they offer, since you never know when you will want to put in a walking path or rock garden. Here are some common procedures they may offer.

One-time cleanup

Maintaining your yard is an on-going process, but sometimes you need just a one-time appointment to clear your grounds of leaves and branches. For instance, before hosting a party, you could get your hedges cleaned and trimmed, flower beds mulched, or plant some new flowers. It will look like you meticulously care for your yard or have an incredibly high-end lawn service when it was a one-time touch-up.

Sod and seed

What if you do not have any grass to mow, you have spotty coverage of different types of grass, or you have weeds across your lawn? Let an experienced landscaping Adelaide company sod or seed your yard to give it a fresh, new look. Sod can instantly roll out and update your lawn immediately. It will take root within a few days and act like your natural grass in no time. Seeding is a slower process, but some people prefer the look and feel of seed to sod.


Installing retaining walls around your home will give your yard added dimension while stabilising the land. This process is used primarily for residences that are built on an incline, but it can be utilised in any situation. Walls can be constructed out of wood, blocks, or natural rock. Additional hardscape elements include pathways, patios, and decks.


Your yard is only as healthy as the water you nourish it with. That includes the frequency and amount of watering as well. That’s why every lawn, regardless of climate, can benefit from a sprinkler system with an automatic timer. An experienced landscaping professional can immediately tell you how many sprinklers heads your area needs. After installation of the system, setting the timer correctly so that your grass gets neither over nor under watered is key. Finally, you want to have a backflow device in place to keep your home supply from becoming contaminated by the lawn’s water.


In addition to all of the options mentioned above, there are more services still that a quality landscaping Adelaide professional can provide, such as outdoor lighting and waterproofing. Ultimately, if you want any of these things done around your house, consider selecting a landscaping company or checking with the company you currently hire and see what other services they offer.

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